Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wednesday June 17th Early Morning Sujlegaon

It is almost 4 days since I am back to blogging. Too many things happen in a few days these days.

On Saturday 12th June 2010 did a Varunyantra seeding in Woodlands complex in Pune. Between C & D building. Started at 4.30 PM. It took a long time to start the fire, as the bio-briquettes were wet. The relative humidity was 60 %, there was hardly any overhead cloud cover. The temperature 29.2. For the first time used Lavan i.e. Ammonium Chloride. Total used was 4 Kg. It was amazing to see it vaporise (disassociate) and reach above the 11th floor building. The white fumes were easy to see flying above the building. And it worked. Got a rainfall within about 2 hours at 6.30 PM. Chetana told Saniya, "Abani paus padala"

On Sunday returned back Wing Commander Kasbekar's book on Atmosphere, loaded the Sakal Qualis with all the workshop material, books, bean bag etc. etc. I seem to always travel with a lot of stuff. And drove off to Rangoli to stay bye to IITB friends and pick up Dr. Parasnis. The IITB friends gave me good advice about my blog, which I immediately implemented.

The Varunyatra started on time at 10:30 with the driver Vijay, myself and Dr. Parasnis. We had lots of discussion during the time he was here. The Varunyantra was interupted briefly at Bhigwan with a Rasta roko, and for an unnecessarily long lunch (terrible service) at a roadside Dhaba in Indapur. Vijay then drove very fast and yet cautiously and we reached Latur in a record time of 2 1/2 hours. At Latur in a hotel Manas (where we ended up staying for the night) we were received by ... (blog to be completed later)

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