Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Blog Begins

Ever since I started the Varunyantra project, I have been wanting to start blogging; but it has taken almost 6 months for this to happen.

Thing that is uppermost in my mind is how to take the Varunyantra project forward.

Many good things have happened. The project has received wide publicity. There are some financial backers. Lot of understanding of the underlying physical processes has emerged. The website is ready.

What is required is some quantitative experimentation to measure the salt carried to atmosphere by its being sprinkled (either in powder form or as saline water) on fire at different temperatures and burn rates. Maybe that will happen during this week.

Satya sankalpancha wali ishwar asato.

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  1. Cloud seeding is a Divine Gift for intelligent and wise people like Kamadhenu for the saints.
    That is why Thinkers with scientific mids of USA and Patriotic Meteorological Experts of China have proved that cloud seeding is not only scientific but also technologically sound in the hands of honest and dedicated experts who refuse to come under the grip of the social evils as enunciated by Gandhiji :
    "Science without Humanity"
    "Knowledge without Character"
    "Cmmerce without Morality"
    "Politics without principles"
    "Wealth without Work"
    "Pleasure without Consciousness"
    "Worship without Sacrifice".
    The Sun provides you with plenty of heat energy freely and it evaporates water from the oceans,rivers and lakes and the water vapour being lighter than air goes up and up into the sky and sticks to very miniscule dust particles to form cloud droplets of about ten to 20 microns[60 to 70 microns is the thickness of your hair].The life of a cloud is 0.5 to 2.0 hours based on the local weather conditions.If,during its life time,the cloud gets adequate number of key nuclei that transform cloud droplets into rain drops,the clouds give you only ten percent of their water content as rainfall or snowfall.The remaining cloud water becomes water vapour and gets drifted away along with the winds.S,if you add extra Key nuclei into the clouds,you can get additional rainfall or snowfall of about 25 to 40 percent.Hence,cloud seeding alone gives you more rainfall and without cloud seeding,you deliberately avoid an opportunity of serving the farmers with mor water particularly when you have already exhausted all the water from the surface and ground water sources due to continuous growth of population,industries,agriculture and hydro-power use for industries and homes.
    By extensive deforestation and develpment of Building and roads,man has reduced the chances for clouds to yield normal rainfall by deflecting the clouds due to increased surface heating culminating in the formation of "Heat Islands".Because man has caused adverse changes in the environment which is responsible for the drastic reduction in normal rainfalls,he has to come foreward to correct the mistakes he committed and for this purpose,he has to take up cloud seeding to augment the annual precipitation.To know the science &technology of cloud seeding see the following web sites:
    4] http://shivajirao.cloudseeding.googlepages.comscienceofcloudseeding
    prof.T.Shivaji Rao,Director,centre for environmental studies,Gitam University,visakhapatnam