Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday 11th June 2010

The day started with a phone-call made to Santosh Deshmukh. His father had a second brain- hemorrhage is admitted to ICU in Nanded. I told him to be prepared for the worst. And sure enough I got the news at noon that his father passed away. On second thought it may not be the worst but the best for his father. He was paralyzed and confined to bed for the past 10 long years. So in a way he is released form this jail and take another body. One really cannot judge whether the death of a person is good or bad. Death remains a mystery.

Narendra had come over who does computer maintainance. He makes a living by installing pirated software on people's machine. He charges Rs 300 per session of 2 hours. He has master CDs of almost any software. This is big business in India. A willful open source technology sharing.

I went to the Sakal office and Shri Tirmare helped with me improving the Marathi presentation. He is very fast and meticulous. I agot a contact of someone who can translate the varunyantra website in Marathi. He is supposed to give me a quote and time-frame.

I received an advance o from Sakal Social Foundation for setiing up the experiments in Nanded. Have to start keeping all receipts and vouchers.

Got a phonecall from Chetana. She has got admission to the Ph.D. program at IIT-Monash. Both her parents, that is myself and her mom are Ph.D. so it is natural that she should also do a Ph.D. She has to commute to IITB from Pune. That is what we decided in the evening. It is going to be challenging for her to manage two children and a Ph.D. But my son-in-law Anoop is quite supportive.

Worked with Trupti in the evening to set up links to the Sakal group on the Varunyantra website. She declined to take any money for her design work, but I said that I will give you a small gift! She is very very quick in her work. She can keep pace with me.

Also met Shri Kulkarni, the Chairman of Jeshtha Nagarik Sangh to do a Lavanvajra at Woodlands on saturday at 4.00 PM. He is quite fit at the age of 78! So looks like I can work for another 15 years. Will I keep doing Varunyantra work for that many years? Who knows.

The Latur program is finalized. I have asked Shahir Tumwad to bring a small group from Sujlegaon. Looks like the Varunyatra will be launched from Latur.

Have to talk to Shri Uddhav to get press publicity in Sakal.

Must stop now. It is 3.10 am. My usual work hour. Ya nisha sarva bhutanam yasyam jagarti sayami. A physical interpretaion of Bhagwat Gita shlok.

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