Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday June 9th

This work of Varunyantra has so many dimensions.

Early morning I did a lot of awra-awri of the disk. The files were so cluttered and spread all over in so many directories. And uploaded a lot more videos and photos. I have over 10,000 photos with about 19 GB space and hundreds of videos. I can slowly upload them to the Picassa and U-Tube.

Received from Just-Dial three supplier of Industrial Chemicals for NH4Cl. Two of them called and gave a price of Rs 20 per Kg, Rs 30 per Kg and the third one I called gave a price of Rs 40 per Kg! The price is not much higher than NaCl if the efficiency of delivery is good. A lot of salt when thrown gets wasted (Maybe only 30 % goes up) and so if NH4Cl goes up 100 % then we may need only a couple of Kg per burning.

I had a good meeting with Wing Commanded Kasbekar in the afternoon in his house. He was directing airplanes for Agni Aviation for the BMCC cloud seeding last year. He said that Arvind Sharma still owes him Rs 5 laks for that work. Mr. Kasbekar is a physical chemist and was with IAF as a Meteorologist. I am learning from him how to understand satellite images and other information at the IMD site http://www.imd.gov.in/main_new.htm and http://www.imd.gov.in/section/satmet/dynamic/insat.htm.

It is important to look at Cloud Vapor and IR images. There is so much to learn in every subject. He also gave me a text-book on meteorology. Also looked at Isobars.

In the evening, got myself organised for a meeting with Mrs Sonali Deshpande of Persistent and Ms Anu Aga of Thermax, and got a lot of documents printed. I seem to do all kinds of work ,, from xeroxing to scientific research. That was one good thing, my father had taught me. Not to be ashamed of doing any kind of work.

Late at night, Upasana designed the a T-shirt and ordered a few pieces. They will be useful for volunteers at the public programs.

Also revised the note of thanks. I must have met more than 200 persons in the course of last 5 months for Varunyantra. Should send the link http://varunyantra.org to all these people one of these days.

It is time for a second round of sleeping. I have a strange schedule. Get up at 2.00 am, work until 5.00 am and sleep again for a while.

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