Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday June 10th 2010

A mixed day.

In the morning received two consignments of Lavan. The 50 kg bag from Siddhivinayak is from a manufacturer in Gujrat, and the one from Rajubhai is from China (4 bags x 25 Kg). This is enough for sixty seedings @ 2 1/2 kg. They need to be packed in 2 1/2 kg bags with pre-printed labels. The preprinting and packing can be done in Sujlegaon. Sujlegaon is such a strength for me. I can do almost anything there and there will be people to help me.

The afternoon meeting with Mrs. Sonali Deshpande, Chairperson of Persistent Foundation She had 30 minutes for me and so I in about 10 minutes explained to her what I had done and left a one page proposal for her. She said she wll forward the documents to other 'senior' trustees for their review and comments. And get back to me.

In the evening called up Mr. Kulkarni, the chairman of senior citizens group in Woodlands to organise a Lavanvajra in woodlands society. He called later and said that it will be organised on Saturday afternoon at 4.00 PM. A good time.

I am leaving for Sujlegaon on Sunday. I called up Rajan in Aurangabad, and he said that I better go straight rather than via Aurangabad. He has some guests too.

I called up Shri Upamanyu of Sakhi in Latur to see if a program can be organised on Sunday. He is available and I told him that I will inform him about that tomorrow after checking with Shri Uddhav if the Saam team is accompanying me.

I also called Sarpanch bakwad (rather the Sarpanch's husband) to see if he can organise some cleaning effort in Sujlegaon.

I seem to be spending an enormous time on the laptop and on the mobile but not doing enough physical exercises. I don't know why.

Also talked to Swami Muni on the phone and recorded his voice. His viice had gone very deep. He is in silence most of the time and said that he is in another space altogether which is beyond description by words. A mystery space. From his voice, it seemed that he may not live for long. It is unlikely that I will see him again. He is going to continue staying in uttarkashi and I won't get time to go there at lest until September or October. I told Anamika that it will happen one day that I will call his number nad there will be no answer. That is what death is about.

Talking about that, I had called Avi in the morning and he said that he could not come with me for the Varunyatra as his cat is very sick. The cat is 8 1/2 years old. told him not to think of getting her operated at this age. I told him the story of Vijay (Dr. Vijay Bhatkar) and his father. Vijay's father was on his deathbed at home, and Vijay moved him to a district hospital against his wish. He died that and Vijay has regretted this for ever.

Santosh Deshmukh called and said that his father had a stoke and is in the ICU. His father already had a stroke 10 years back and was paralyzed. It is unlikely that he will survive this. For the family it will be a big financial loss. His pension will stop or is it get halved. The whole family has had a trying period for the last 10 years taking care of a bed-ridden father.

Today's morning started with 'death' and the day has ended with 'death'.

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